Export Compliance

Export Compliance

All of our products incorporate some form of crypto-graphical software and may be subject to international export restrictions in your country. If you are using our products to develop third-party software that is destined for export then you may need to seek a license from your government to do so.

Export License

Cryptographic items subject to export control are licensed in Category 5, Part 2 of the European Union (EU) Dual-Use List. These lists are governed by international agreements and most countries outside of the EU will have similar controls.

Under UK legislation some items that would normally be controlled are exempt if they meet certain conditions. Having previously been licensed to export our products under the Open General Export License – Cryptographic Development (OGEL) and Community General Export Authorization (CGEA), in April 2010 JADAPTIVE Limited submitted a rating enquiry to BIS, the department for Business, Innovation and Skills and acquired an exemption under the Cryptography Note. More information about the export of cryptographic items from the UK can be found on the Business Link website.

It is important that our customers understand that whilst JADAPTIVE Limited is exempt from UK export controls and can export these products without a license, any third-party software that uses our products cannot automatically assume the same exemption. Vendors seeking to export products that contain our code should seek advice from their local authorities and export oorganizations

Component Strength

This table outlines the components and key sizes employed by our products:

Algorithms Key Size(s) Modes SSH1 SSH2
Symmetric Ciphers
AES 128,192,256 CBC,CTR
Blowfish 128 CBC
ArcFour 128,192,256
3DES 168
DES 64
Public Keys
RSA Defined by Juristicion Policy*
DSA Defined by Juristicion Policy*
X509 Defined by Juristicion Policy*
ECDSA 256,384,521
Message Digests
Key Exchange
Diffie Hellman 2048-8192*
RSA 2048
Curve 25519

* Key sizes for public/private keys are defined by the JCE juristiction security policies.