Installing the Desktop Agent

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In order to use the keys stored on your Mobile SSH Agent app you will need to install the Desktop SSH Agent software on devices where you use SSH. This is a replacement for the standard command line ssh-agent command that will allow you to use keys stored on your mobile phone in the Mobile SSH Agent app.

The Desktop Agent will allow you to use both keys stored on your mobile phone, or keys added locally using ssh-add.


This article assumes you have already installed the Mobile SSH Agent app on your mobile phone. If you need to install this please see here [todo].


You can download the latest version of the Desktop SSH Agent for your preferred platform below:

Windows x86

Windows x64


Linux x64

All the links above are GUI installers that will follow the same process outlined in this article. If you want to install a Linux DEB or RPM please consult the documentation here [todo].


Running the Installer

After downloading the installer double click on the package to start the install. On Linux you may need to make the package executable then execute this using the shell.

chmod u+x



Accepting the License Agreement

After clicking through the first informational pages you will be presented with the license agreement. Please accept to continue. 



Select the Installation Location

You can install the software where ever you require but accepting the default installation directory is also fine too.



Set the Device Name

When you want to authenticate your SSH client on this computer, you will be prompted on your mobile phone to authorize the request. Therefore if you use the software on multiple computers it is advisable to set the device name to something that helps you identify the device easily.



Authorize Access

The software needs to access some information on your account in order to operate correctly. First, this needs to know the gateway service you are using to bridge the communication between your computer and mobile phone. 



Second, the installer needs to authorize this device to access your account. Enter your credentials for the gateway service so that the device can be authorized. Please note,  your credentials are not stored on this computer.



If you have not already registered, you can click the "I do not have an account and need to register" box to switch to the registration page.



Installation Complete

Your installation is now complete. 


After clicking finish, the agent will be loaded into the system tray. You can see it is active when you see the SSHTOOLS shield logo in the system tray.