Getting started with the Mobile SSH Agent app

Lee Painter


The Mobile SSH Agent app allows you to securely store your SSH Keys on your mobile phone. This article walks you through setting up the service with links to the various documentation articles that you may need to setup successfully. 


Installing the App 

You need to install the App from the appropriate app store. See Installing the Mobile App.


Setting Up Keys

Once the app is installed and you have registered an account you can proceed to Setting up your Keys.


Installing the Desktop Agent

Now that you have a key installed on your phone you should download the Desktop SSH Agent for your platform and install it on devices where you regulary use SSH. 

See the aricle Installing the Desktop Agent


Using your Device Keys

You now have keys deployed on your mobile device and have installed the SSH Desktop Agent on your computer you are ready to test the service. See our article Authenticating with your Keys to see how to do this against our gateway service.

You may also want to review the article Configuring Servers to use Device Keys if you generated new keys or are not familiar with the process of setting up key authentication for SSH servers.